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Donna Moore

Author of Crime Fiction & Historical Fiction


Front cover of The Unpicking by Donna Moore
Front cover of the US version of Old Dogs by Donna Moore
Front Cover of Go To Helena Handbasket by Donna Moore


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Donna Moore is the author of crime fiction and historical fiction. Her first novel, a Private Eye spoof called Go To Helena Handbasket, won the Lefty Award for most humorous crime fiction novel and her second novel, Old Dogs, was shortlisted for both the Lefty and Last Laugh Awards. Her short stories have been published in various anthologies. In her day job she works as an adult literacy tutor for marginalised and vulnerable women. She has a PhD in creative writing around women’s history and gender-based violence, and her third novel, The Unpicking, a trilogy of novellas set in Victorian and Edwardian Scotland was published in October 2023 by Fly on the Wall Press. It spans three generations of ‘hysterical women’ who experience systemic corruption and injustice. Donna is also co-host of the CrimeFest crime fiction convention and is a fan of film noir, 1970s punk rock and German Expressionist artists.

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Saturday 27th April 10.30-11.30 - Writing the Wrongs of the Past with Ajay Close, interviewed by Karen Campbell - part of the fabulous Paisley Book Festival


I will be at CrimeFest in Bristol - May 9th-12th 2024. Watch this space for further info.

News and Events


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